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Sugoikit - shop for anime fans

Our online store offers high-quality anime clothes that will be perfect for costume parties for fans of Japanese animation. We recommend products available in Sugoikit to people participating in cosplay, i.e. events whose participants are characterized by characters from their favorite Japanese anime or computer games.

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During such events, competitions for the best costume are often organized, won by people who have composed the costume that best reflects the character. Among the anime clothes and gadgets available in our store, you can find products related to, among others, the following manga or anime titles:

  • Dragon Ball - an anime was produced based on the manga, which, although it was released at the turn of the 80s and 90s, is still one of the most popular and recognizable series of Japanese animations.
  • Spirited Away - a full-length anime film that gained great popularity also in Western European countries.
  • Tokyo Ghoul - is a still-released manga enjoying great popularity among its fans.
  • Happy Fairy Tail - a manga story about a creature named Happy, who looks like a little kitten.
  • My Hero Academia - a modern manga based on which an anime is released that tells the story of a boy with supernatural abilities.
  • Sailor Moon, or "Sailor Moon" - manga and anime from the 90s, telling the story of a group of superheroes who fight evil using extraordinary powers.

Anime shop for cosplayers

People who want to complete a cosplay costume will surely find something for themselves among the available products. We strive to provide the best suggestions that reflect the way the anime characters dress. In our store you can choose high-quality clothes, wigs, false eyelashes and other elements for the characterization of the character of your choice. Our collection also includes unusual jewelry that reflects that worn by the characters from the animations. We import selected products from all over the world, thanks to which our clients have access to high-quality costumes without paying any additional taxes, except for customs duties. Our anime fan shop offers access to the best products at a very competitive price. Among them, you can find full outfits, such as overalls or uniforms, and accessories in the form of bracelets, watches, necklaces and wigs. A very effective element of the disguise can also be a Yukata, a type of light Japanese women's clothing. An interesting product that we import are also colorful false eyelashes straight from Japan, which are unique on the market of cosplay disguises.

What is Sugoikit?

We are a company dealing in importing products from the farthest corners of the world. We choose products that you will not find nowhere else. And all this along with the fullness free shipping!

Anime store in Poland - anime gadgets - anime bracelets, Dragon Ball sweatshirts - online store

But how does it work?

Anime clothes in everyday clothes

Sugoikit is an anime store that, in addition to costumes intended for costume parties, also offers sweatshirts and t-shirts with images of characters from Japanese animations, such as Naruto. Thanks to this, you can smuggle a bit of your passion for Japanese animation aesthetics in everyday clothes. The iconic products available in our store are Dragon Ball hoodies with the image of Goku. The print on the sweatshirts covers the entire surface of the fabric and is indelible, so you can wash them in the washing machine, following the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition to clothes or jewelry, our anime store also has key rings that can be easily attached to keys, backpack or bag. Through such small accents, you can easily emphasize your love for a specific manga or anime without having to completely change your outfit or excessively attract the eyes and attention of other people.

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Anime fan gadgets

In addition to a wide range of clothing and make-up products, the anime Sugoikit store also offers a variety of gadgets related to specific animations. They are mainly Japanese figurines that were made with great care for every, even the smallest detail. Among them there is a figure of Shiro from the popular production No Game No Life or models from Spirited Away. Depending on the type, some of the figures are completely static, and some are made in a mobile version, so that you can move their selected elements of the structure. For fans of Happy, we have also made it possible to buy a plush version of it. Among the more unusual gadgets reflecting Japanese popular culture are, for example, cute cotton face masks and a backpack with a kitty. All kinds of accessories with your favorite characters can turn out to be a very good gift idea for anime fans and become part of a unique collection.

We kindly invite all fans of Japanese animation to see our products. People deciding to choose clothes from our store, please refer to the size tables available for the products. We are happy to offer advice and assistance in case of any questions or doubts regarding our product range. We enjoy your shopping!

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